One of the premier Mykonos town hotels


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A Mykonos town hotel
The “Mykonos View Hotel” , one of the premier Mykonos town hotels, is the starting point for your holidays in Mykonos town.

These Mykonos rooms are positioned on the slopes of a hill looking down on the fashionable town of Mykonos and the sea beyond. Conjuring up images of the Mykonian days gone by, your approach to this Mykonos town hotel and your holidays in Mykonos town to come, is given the dream-like impression that a stone fortress and a traditional village as Mykonos town rises up through the music of sounds and colours composed by land and sea. The Mykonos hotel buildings emphasize the beauty of Mykonos’ island landscape and blend in harmoniously with their surroundings. The natural building materials of this unique Mykonos town hotel, which were used with great care by local craftsmen, perfectly reflect the vegetation of the island alongside the bright sunshine, and the colors of the sky and sea that draw the perfect holidays in Mykonos. We have shaped the buildings, the walls, the steps and the path-ways of these Mykonos rooms in harmonious and simple forms, with sculpted curves so that they may blend in with land, myth and tradition. Plants and flowers of the Aegean add their colors and scent to the allure of the view of the open sea’s horizon which is enjoyed from all the rooms of this Mykonos town hotel.


Address: Mykonos, 84600, Greece
Phone: +30 22890 24045, Fax: +30 22890 26445, Reservations : +30 22890 26626

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