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A luxury hotel in Mykonos Town


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A luxury hotel in Mykonos Town

Semeli Luxury Hotel Mykonos is named after the Greek Zeus’ beloved paramour Semeli. As befits the best 5 star hotel in Mykonos town, the Semeli Hotel epitomises its namesake’s characteristics of beauty and harmony.

“Oh Semeli, sweet mother of wine, drunkenness, joy and mother of Dionysus…”; if the myth of the Greek gods could ever turn to reality, it would definitely happen in Mykonos, the ancient nymph Semeli’s island. if the myth of the Greek gods could ever turn to reality, it would definitely happen in Mykonos, the ancient nymph Semeli’s island.

We thus created, with our heart and soul, Semeli Luxury Hotel Mykonos, a magical place in the heart of Mykonos town, using our fantasy and our dreams to conceive a unique haven of relaxation and warm atmosphere for our guests, all housed in a building showcasing a uniquely aesthetically elegant design.
Our vision is further extended to the Hotel Spa, which has been specially created to offer a calming therapeutic release your body and soul through a variety of facial and body treatments.


A 5 star hotel in Mykonos Town that will enchant you

You will be amazed to discover while crossing the paved narrow street of our sophisticated 5 star hotel amongst the distinct Aegean style small white houses of Mykonos town, how perfectly the hotel architecture melts into nature. At daylight, all Semeli hotel’s colours, stones, bushes and trees lie in perfect harmony with the sea and the sky, making you feel like home.

When entering through the vintage entrance door of Semeli Best Hotel Mykonos, you are instantly overwhelmed by the luxury hotel’s classicism, expressiveness and intimacy; some of Semeli hotel’s trade-mark ingredients that make this the best 5 star hotel in Mykonos. Embodying the very best of the Mykonian hospitality tradition, our devoted personnel welcome you with sincere warmth, ready to satisfy your needs and desires with our top quality luxury hotel services and facilities.


The best place to stay in Mykonos

The Semeli Luxury Hotel Mykonos was created to exist in perfect harmony with its surrounding architecture and environment, and pay homage the nobility and authenticity of Mykonos island, and the traditional skills of local craftsmen of yesteryear. The hotel complex has been successfully integrated into the traditional settlements and Mykonos town Chora to fit harmoniously with the island’s colours and style. It is Semeli Hotel’s blend of these aspects of true Mykonos history with contemporary modern luxury hotel facilities that distinguishes this 5 star hotel above all others, making it the best place to stay in Mykonos.

As we strongly believe that quality of life is a matter of choices, the Semeli Luxury Hotel in Mykonos Town aims to offer our guests a choice of the best luxury accommodation in Mykonos together with top quality and unique personal customer services that perfectly fulfil your own functional and aesthetic requirements.


Address: Little Venice, Mykonos, Greece
Phone: +306944385959

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